Wine Room at Governor’s Club home!

Wine Room at Governor’s Club home!

Dad and I build this home when we were working together several years ago. The homeowners recently called me and ask if I would be interested in building them a custom wine room in the basement. The owner handed us a picture of a wine room that he had seen on the internet and said, This is what I want”. So, we started with a photo and here is what we have so far!

Here are some photos of the project to date. The wine racks are made of the same Dufferin Stone that is on the exterior of this home. The recessed bins will be back lit (photos on that to come shortly!). The counter top is an ArqueStone product similar to a concrete type finish.

We are working on our trim out now and plan to wrap this job up in a couple of weeks. I will post photos of the finished product soon.

Starting stone work...

Custom made door

Lighting in wine bins

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