Update on Avalon Home…

Update on Avalon Home…

Well, it looks like Spring has sprung, huh? What beautiful weather we are having. This warm, dry weather has allowed use to make some great progress on lot 176 @ Avalon.

As you can see from these pictures, our windows have been installed and we have begun brick work. I am hopeful that the brick and stone work on the front of the house will be completed in the next couple of weeks. Although the brick that you see looks pretty good as is, we still plan on mortar rubbing it to match the stone that will go on the house.

Speaking of windows, you may can see from the stickers that we used HURD brand windows and doors on this home. The local distributor for HURD is Chris Moolman at Xelica Door and Window in Nashville. On this home, we used an aluminum clad window meaning that the exterior of the window is metal, which requires no exterior painting of the window and no type of maintenance. We also used other special features such as Low E glass.

If you are in need of new or replacement windows, you can contact Chris for a quote at [email protected] or at 615-445-5078. He is a wonderful person to work with and always goes the extra mile to stand behind his product. I highly recommend him.




We have another very special feature of this home that I would like to show you. The original house plan for this home called for four (4) large windows across the back wall of the Family Room looking out to the back porch. We decided to do a little ‘upgrade’ here and use Xelica’s new folding doors. The attached photo shows what these doors will look like (minus the pool…sorry!). Our homeowner will have an 18′ wall of doors on this wall that open and fold to one end of the room (as seen in the photo).


This is something that you do not see in many homes (especially spec homes due to the cost of these doors), but I think that they are a beautiful feature and will compliment the outdoor living area of this home in so many ways. With these doors open, you combine the inside and the outside of the home and create an unbeatable area for entertaining. With the outdoor fireplace, covered outdoor cooking area, and firepit, you can’t beat it!! I will post some photos once we install these doors.

Well, enough for now. Enjoy this beautiful day!!!

God Bless!!


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