We need your help!!

We need your help!!

As some of you know, last year Kingdom Builders partnered with the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home (TBCH) and remodeled an apartment on their Brentwood campus.

Well, as our pastor often tells us, “The reward for good work is more work”. As a result we have been asked again to assist the TBCH with their need to remodel 5 more apartments! What an opportunity!

You may ask…”What are these apartments and what are they used for?”…

“One of the greatest issues regarding children who live in group homes and or foster care is what happens to the young adult after they age out of care. Well, here at the TN Baptist Children’s Homes we give these young people several options. One of those options is to continue living on our campus in the apartments we provide. They can stay here, and either start in the work world, or they can begin their college careers. These apartments give us the opportunity to instruct these students in areas like budgeting, keeping house, paying “rent” (this is for those in the work program, and this rent is actually a forced savings account. They get the rent back when they decide to leave.), buying reliable transportation, and many other life skills. These apartments give these young adults a sense of ownership and independence they need to be prepared to enter world outside our campus. Not every young person who moves over there is successful, and that is unfortunate. But having a place for them to at least try is important to us.  

 These apartments were built several years ago, and have served many purposes over the years. They are an important tool we use, and are in much need of repair and updating. Your help with this process would be greatly appreciated”

Kelly Campbell, Regional Vice President of the Brentwood Campus

Last year, the apartment that we remodeled served as ‘home’ for visiting missionaries in the Middle Tennessee area. These apartments are used to serve those in our community that are in need to housing for various reasons.

So, why am I telling you all of this? We need YOUR help. We cannot do this alone. We are in need of materials and related labor in the following areas:

– Tile material and labor to remodel a small bathroom and kitchen backsplash area.

– Plumbing fixtures and labor to remodel bathroom – sink, tub, and toilet.

– Flooring for small living area and bedroom/closet – carpet, tile, etc…

– Paint

– Counter tops for small kitchen area – granite, corian, tile, etc

– Lighting fixtures – flush mount light for living area and bedroom

If you are interested in donating to this cause in the form of a monetary donation or needed materials, please contact us!

God Bless!


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