Lot Purchased in the Tors of Avalon

Lot Purchased in the Tors of Avalon

Well…we have some exciting news.


Kingdom Builders has purchased a lot in the Avalon community in Franklin. Located just off of Cool Springs Boulevard, Avalon is a premier neighborhood in what has to be the best location in all of Middle Tennessee.


Although Avalon is located in the heart of Cool Springs, one would think that they were a hundred miles away from everything and everyone. You think that I am kidding? Go to Avalon, park somewhere up in the ‘Tors of Avalon’ section (that is where our lot is located), turn off your car, roll down you windows, and listen. What will you hear? Not too much. What will you see? Probably several deer or some wild turkeys.


Avalon has to be one of the most beautiful developments in all of Williamson County. Here is a link to their website if you would like to check it out.

If you would like to go by and see the lot for yourself, it is lot 176 located on Pendragon Court. Look for our sign. Feel free to get out and walk up to the lot. The view from this house will be nothing short of amazing. Or, if you don’t have time to get out to the lot, you can take a street-level virtual tour of the area using Google Maps.

I will keep you posted as we progress with construction on this new spec home.