January 1, 2010 Article in ‘The Tennessean’

January 1, 2010 Article in ‘The Tennessean’

Last month, I unexpectedly received a telephone call from Tennessean writer Nancy Mueller. Nancy said that she had been reading the blog section of our website and was interested in writing an article about it. Specifically, she was intrigued that a local builder was actively using a BLOG to communicate with his website readers.

Nancy and I met at our spec home in Avalon and talked a lot about our Kingdom Builders website, our BLOG, and how technology has changed how the way people communicate and exchange information.

If you receive the Tennesseean, this article was located in the Williamson County AM – Real Estate section. If not, below is a link to the article:


Thanks Nancy!

I hope that everyone is getting a wonderful start to this new year. Enjoy this cold weekend!

God Bless!


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