Framing is complete on lot 176 in Avalon!

Framing is complete on lot 176 in Avalon!

As you can see from these pictures, framing of lot 176 has been completed. We have begun rough-in work with the electrical, plumbing, low-voltage, and HVAC sub-contractors. If the weather will cooperate with us, we will paint the cornice next week and put on the roof, including the metal roof going on the turret.






In addition, we are also finalizing our brick and stone selections and will begin bricking the house after the doors and windows are installed in a couple of weeks. We will be using a combination of mortar rubbed brick and stone on this home.

I am proud of our sub-contractors and suppliers, and I am always eager to recommend them to others. If you are in need of any of the above mentioned services, here is their contact information:

Brick and Stone: Alley Cassetty, David Green, 615-416-4744

Electrical and Low Voltage: Rafael Yescas Electric, 615-438-7929

HVAC: Sunshine Heating and Cooling, Joe Annesi, 615-812-6520, [email protected]

Plumbing: G and M Plumbing, Scott Green, 615-599-5901, [email protected]

Roofing: Jewell Roofing, 615-868-9999.

Foundations and Concrete: Petersen and Sons, 615-591-9187

I will keep you updated on our progress and, as always, tell everyone that you know of a beautiful home for sale in Avalon ready for move in by September!!

God Bless!


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