Benefits of a Custom Home vs. a Production Home

Benefits of a Custom Home vs. a Production Home

Choosing a home is a big deal. Many tend to have a list of necessities they are hoping to find in their price range. Whether it is a fenced in backyard, plenty of counter space, or even a walk-in closet, it can be a challenge to find that one house that has all those things. Thus, when faced with the option of, “Should we buy a premade production home or have a custom home built?” there are many pros and cons to weigh. The benefits to choosing a custom home may entice you!


With a custom home comes the ability to have custom design. Your new home does not at all have to be a similar floor plan, layout, or even mold of any other home in the neighborhood or even to date. Customizations can include everything from the exterior materials used on your home down to the tile in your shower. It’s also the perfect way to be involved in the building process of the home.

Additionally, you have the option to dictate:

  • Added safety features
  • Energy efficiency
  • Top-rated appliances
  • Special needs accommodations
  • Wiring for technology, etc.


If you decide to contract a builder for your new home, one huge advantage is location. If you have looked at production homes in the past, you may have had a hard time finding the one for you in the right part of town. You may consider school zones, commute time, or privacy when thinking about location.

 Because you help to design your own custom home, you can place that home in a neighborhood on the right side of town for you! No more looking at house after house not fit for you in the right area or checking out multiple incredible homes in an area you don’t desire. Community is important.

Choose the Expert

It almost goes without saying – you get to choose the right contractor and team to build your custom home, thus allowing you to choose someone you deem reliable. Research online and by friend and family recommendations to ensure your options are skilled professionals. Always feel free to have a consultation and meet potential contractors, as well as look through their portfolio of homes they have built. Throughout the process, you want to feel confident in your contractor choice.

Invest in Your Home & Save Money

You may have thought building a custom home would be way too expensive. In reality, having a custom home built can actually save you money in the long run by:

  • Choosing more cost-effective material to build with
  • Less maintenance by choosing quality for the long run, rather than cheapest route that won’t last
  • Getting what you want the first time around, so no need for remodels
  • Choosing energy efficient materials and products

Get more bang for your buck by investing in a custom home. On top of all the other benefits, there is something truly sentimental and special about building your own home, no matter if it’s your first or third home. With a great contractor and vision, you too can have the home of your dreams without the pain of looking at production homes.

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