Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Remodeling

Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Remodeling

Home magazines and platforms like Pinterest make it easy to find inspiration for home renovations and when remodeling. In fact, they make DIY and remodeling look easy! While looking at these photos may spark great ideas for projects in your own home, there are many things to consider.

Before you start buying specialty tools and busting through drywall, ask yourself and a professional:

  • Will the remodel be inside or outside the home?
  • Do you want a full room or partial room renovation?
  • Will electrical, plumbing, or HVAC be involved in the remodel?
  • Does any part of the room need to be fully demoed?
  • How much can you afford and plan to budget?

1. Don’t Rush

It takes time, and sometimes more time than you think, to get a plan into place for a remodel. You may find yourself changing your mind often and constantly readjusting designs. Working with a professional to achieve your vision will help to solidify plans. But make note: sticking to the plan (unless adjustments are necessary for functionality/codes/construction) and not changing direction during build out will keep you from wasting hours and money. It’s okay to take your time on the front end to allow for a successful remodel job you will love.

2. Choosing the Wrong Contractor

We know this is all too true, thus we will sing it from the roof tops. Choosing a licensed contractor may be one of the most important pieces in a remodel plan. If you choose someone that doesn’t share your vision, isn’t reputable, or lacks skill, you should see warning signs! Don’t settle for the wrong contractor just because they are the cheaper option, it’s your neighbor’s “handy” kid, or because you decided on the first person in your google search. Take some time to vet a licensed contractor and feel confident in your choice.

Well, if your neighbor’s kid is a well-reviewed licensed contractor, then maybe choose them.

3. Failing to Budget (If at All)

Under budgeting is one of the most seen mistakes during a remodel. Picture it: You demo your shower, clean up the mess, get half the tile in place, and then realize you improperly measured and are now overbudget… what do you do? This is all too common. Doing some pre-plan research to see what is most affordable for you and the job can make all the difference. With the assistance of a professional, you can know general costs upfront and budget accordingly.

Not to mention, depending on the project and age of your home, sometimes unexpected costs come up. Asbestos in your popcorn ceilings, old plumbing, or even previous construction not being to code – oh my! Whatever it may be, it doesn’t hurt to budget with a bit of cushion for any surprise costs.

4. Not Choosing Quality

This one easily ties into Failing to Budget (If at All). Too often we are looking for the easy fix or quick solution. When it comes to construction, choosing quality is nothing short of necessary to meet expectations and ensure a great outcome. The design you choose, contractor you hire, and supplies being used should all reflect how you want your finished project to turn out and stand the test of time. While this doesn’t mean breaking the bank, quality work and products make a great difference.

That being said, there are areas to save rather than splurge. Many people are thrifty and save on materials and labor. Speak with your contractor and/or designer for assistance on this.

On the same page…

Working with a professional contractor and builder should help you to avoid these costly and inconvenient pitfalls. With these tips, consultations with professionals, and a good plan in place, you too can have a beautiful remodel! Interested in chatting? Give us a call or shoot as an email using our contact form.

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